Spring 50

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Spring 50

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Artificial Grass Superstore’s new S-Blade grass products features our exclusive Luster Guard ™ yarn technology. This new technology produces an extremely low luster and more natural looking blade while still maintaining complete ultra violet stability and performance.

In addition to using special, low luster resins, the S-Blade profile is extruded with a very precise ribbed texture on the surface of the blade. This unique and exclusive texture reduces light from reflecting off the surface achieving a non shiny appearance. Innovation like this helps achieve a very natural look comparable to real grass.
Pile/Face Weight: 50 OZ.
Machine Gauge 1/2 IN.
Pile Height: 1.75 IN.
Residential, Commercial
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S-Blade by Artificial Grass Superstore is a high performance yarn. The S-Blade construction has a consistent thickness throughout the filaments. This eliminates any “thick to thin” areas that tend to cause weak spots triggering the yarn to split or tear. The S-Blade profile provides an extremely resilient fiber system while still offering a nice feel to the touch.

In addition to all the great features and benefits of the S-Blade by Smart Turf, it is all 100% Made in the U.S.A. Every component of Smart Turf’s S-Blade product : all raw materials, tufting and coating are manufactured and processed in the U.S.A.