Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a “Pitch” ?

The pitch is the components of an artificial turf that differs based on the intended purpose of the artificial turf. For example, sports fields may have a pitch with rubber for impact absorption, and a residential artificial turf may have sand to improve its aesthetic appeal.

What’s a “Pile”?

The pile is the height of an upright blades on an artificial turf. The pile is dependent on the material of your sub-base. If you have a clay sub-base, it’s best if you use a short pile, but if you’re building on stone, it’s advisable to install longer piles.

Do water puddles form on Artificial Turf?

One of the main advantages of using Artificial turf is its water repellant properties. The base material does not absorb water and water simply slides through artificial turf. You can have Artificial turf installed with drainage to channel all water collected from the artificial turf to the storm drain.

Does Artificial Grass flatten over time?

Our artificial grass is designed to retain its shape for a longer period of time. Over time, the blades may appear to flatten out due to use, but it’s nothing that a quick brush won’t fix.

Does the color of the Artificial Grass fade over time?

Anything that is exposed to the sun’s UV rays experience some kind of discoloration over time. However, our Artificial Grass is designed to last longer than typical synthetic grass. Our Synthetic Grass is equipped with UV-resistant material that blocks the negative rays to prevent fading.

How long does an Artificial Turf last?

The lifespan of an Artificial turf is dependent on the maintenance and the condition that it is being used. Artificial Grass installed in a home backyard typically outlast those used on walkways and sports. However, Artificial Turf that is Made in the USA is incredibly durable and can last at an average of 15 years.

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